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The First in the World!

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. – Josh Billings

Two babies, one pair of hands? Bath time plays a huge role in establishing routines and preparing for bedtime. Without an extra pair of hands, bathing twins is an extremely challenging task.

The Twin Bath supports two infants 0-6 months or until they can sit up unaided. The design allows for the babies to sit comfortably, safely, and securely side by side in the water, keeping them close together.

The Twin Bath features a front facing position so no twisting, turning, or lifting needed while bathing the babies! As well, allowing the user to have full view of both children. It enables the user to safely free their hands, making it easy to wash and bathe both babies. A slim, lightweight, compact unit with a handle for easy holding and can be hung up flush to the wall or door providing convenient storage. Also, great for travelling!

Designed to sit in most traditional bathtubs and is flexible enough to fit in varying shapes and sizes. The Twin Bath is made from soft touch, skin contact material, providing comfort for the babies and making it easy to wipe clean! The bee wings are perforated for easy water drainage, preventing mould and mildew build up.

A combined bath time can save users up to 50% of the evening and allow them time to sleep, rest or tend to other children and household tasks. The Twin Bath allows for hands free, safe, stress-free, time saving, independent, co–bathing session.


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  • Suitable for 0-6 months
  • Weight 2KG
  • Featured in white and grey
  • Front facing
  • Handle to the top for easy holding, storage, or travel
  • Embossed logo to the centre
  • Perforated bee wings for easy water drainage
  • Soft touch material providing comfort for the babies
  • Complete in poly bag and branded box
  • Easy wipe clean
  • Size (inc. packaging) 60x53x20cm
  • Made from TPE and PP
  • 100% free from BPA, PVC

Manufactured in the UK.
Tested and approved.


Additional information

Weight 2.83 kg

9 reviews for The Twin Bath | FIRST IN THE WORLD amazing new product

  1. Rebecca jones

    I was the first twin mother to try this product and I honestly couldn’t of been without it . It was so stressful every bathtime trying to comfort and bath my twins boys at the same time. This product made my life so much easier , I really don’t know what I would of done without it! Every twin mam needs this twin bath. Absolutely love it !!

  2. Ellie

    I am so glad this product is on the market!!! I purchased it before our twins were born and wow it is amazing! It has helped bath time run smoothly and really made first time mum experience a fun one. It’s amazing quality, amazing idea and just all round fantastic product. I will use up until by babys are older but for now they’re just 3 weeks old and I already feel I’ve had my moneys worth. I can’t wait to pass on to another twin man when we’re outgrown. It’s a lifesaver

  3. Amelia smith (verified owner)

    This is a must have for anyone with new born twins. bath time for my twins was a very stressful time when trying to bath them together until I purchased the twin bath. This product has made bath time so much easier and so much more enjoyable not just for myself but my twins too. You will not be disappointed!!!

  4. Katie (verified owner)

    This product is an absolute game changer when trying to bath two babies! I purchased this for our twins before they were born, and now they’re three weeks old. They both fit in it really well, and the product is really supportive, despite them only being small babies (4lb 15oz and 5lb 6oz), which was something that worried me before I used it. It makes life so much easier, cuts bath time in half and keeps them together – after all they’re so used to being together! Every twin mum needs this bath! Thank you! Xx

  5. Becka

    This twin bath is an absolute god send! After using it I couldn’t imagine bathing them without it, it takes away all the stress and anxiety of bathing twins together, which was a real worry beforehand. I will 100% be recommending this to any other twin parent.

  6. Kelly

    What can I say – an absolute game changer! I honestly don’t know what I would do without this twin bath.

    Being a twin mum (and having an 18 month toddler too!) time is really precious so if there’s anything I can do to save time, I will! This bath meant I could safely and effortlessly bath my little preemie twins in no time meaning the experience was actually enjoyable – no tears whatsoever (or do happy tears count?!).

    I truly recommend this bath to all twin mums, it’s really worth the investment.

  7. Soph Ashton

    Life saver! Not a clue how I’d of coped without this. Something that literally every twin parent needs! Well worth every penny. Would recommend to any twin parent! Thank you Bumble Beez for helping me bath my twins with ease!

  8. Anne (verified owner)

    Just got ours in and I love it! It’s lightweight, just the right amount of flexible, and has holes for the water to drain through. And with babies facing me, I won’t have to twist my back to wash them. Can’t wait for them to arrive and use this!!

  9. Kristen

    I was lucky enough to win this product in a competition. As a single mum of 6 week old twins, it has been an absolute lifesaver! I have been using a portable bath in the laundry and would bathe one at a time. Both twins loved it! The rubber front stood them from slipping around and has a raised centre to help keep them upright, the cute little cutout bees allows for warm water to flow freely. Bath time is no longer a time of stress for this mum!
    Hands down is the best product for bath time with twins – highly recommend!

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